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Solihull Photographic Society


- Tal was excellent. Wildlife with an artistic flair.  Have him back next season!


- I am a fan of wildlife anyway, but I thought he was one of our best speakers this season.  His passion for wildlife and his photography came through strongly, and he gave a thoughtful insight into his pictures, coupled with some useful technical insights. Assuming he has more material would very happily have him back.


- Anyone who complains that their images don’t look sharp when projected should take note from Tal's photos. It was the best attended meeting so far this year.


- I very much enjoyed the evening, the second half about his Indian tigers more than the first half.  I enjoyed the slightly unconventional approach to photographing wildlife. I thought the first half included a lot of quite interesting photos of animals taken around the UK.  They were all photos I'd have been proud of but I didn't pick up that much passion from Tal.  The second half was very different.  Tal was clearly very passionate about the wildlife in India (mainly, but not exclusively, tigers) - and that really showed in his photography. I did like the way he said which lens he used and, generally, the aperture .


-  I found him interesting. The subject was of interest to a number of visitors. A fresh approach from another angle. The passion shone through and I would invite Tal back.