Global Tiger Day 2019

It’s been another tough year for the iconic tiger. Horror stories such as the beating a tigress by villagers near of the Mataina village, Uttar Pradesh remind us that the battle to save the wild tiger is ceaseless. There are several different reports emerging, but it is stated she attacked villagers.

Amid all this chaos there is likely to be an increase in Indian tiger population reported. The challenge is creating, maintaining and securing genetic corridors that connect the islands of forest that still have a healthy tiger population. A great analogy was given by Monish Kapoor and described the corridors as blood vessels connecting organs in a body. They need to be healthy to ensure the whole system functions.

Check out this video that explains why tigers need to be protected, how we are trying to protect them and what the future holds:


To remind us of what we are trying to protect, here’s a few more images from my recent safari’s:

TC 6.jpg
TC 40.jpg
TC 49.jpg

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